Since its foundation in 2012, Global Traceability has expanded rapidly. RADIX Tree represents a flexible solution for all industries.


Global Traceability was founded to address traceability requirements for the timber industry, such as the EU Timber Regulation and the Lacey Act.

Thanks to RADIX Tree and our dedicated team of timber experts, Global Traceability is the global market leader in timber traceability solutions.


The sustainability of our fish stocks is critical to the global food supply, making it more important than ever to ensure the integrity of seafood supply chains. We have developed solutions to implement full chain of custody traceability, assuring a product’s claims can be verified along the whole supply chain. This is vital for consumer trust in sustainable seafood products.


Global Traceability partners with biomass certification scheme SBP to assure biomass is sourced from legal and sustainable sources.

Global Traceability provide the tool to facilitate the collection, collation and transmission of a range of data, including emissions data, along the biomass supply chain, ensuring a clear and effective data transfer solution for SBP certificate holders, which is both manageable and auditable


Global Traceability have developed a dedicated solution for the publishing industry that enables the sharing of supply chain sustainability information to ensure paper products are sourced from sustainable timber.

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