The Dutch competent authority has sanctioned Sakol Nederland for a breach of the EU Timber Regulation, blocking their import of tropical plywood from large-scale exporter Jiangsu High Hope Arser Co. Plywood makes up a huge proportion of the timber trade between China and the EU. In many cases timber cut elsewhere is shipped for processing in China making supply chains difficult to trace.

Authorities found the plywood from Jiangsu High Hope Arser to be non-compliant with the EUTR, which requires the implementation of a due diligence system to show no non-negligible risk of illegal timber for the majority of timber based products being placed into the EU market. It remains to be seen if authorities in other EU nations will make similar enforcement measures. The exporter has many clients across the region. 

The EUTR was implemented in 2013 and while enforcement remains inconsistent, sanctions have increased in recent years with businesses expected to have fully operational due diligence processes by now. The EU commission has recently launched a ‘Fitness Test‘ of the regulation, calling for feedback from all those involved with the industry on how to improve the implementation of the regulation. You can find out how to respond here. 

For more information of how to comply with the EUTR visit our resources page or contact us for a full demonstration on how to comply with RADIX Tree – the timber traceability platform.