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Global Traceability Solutions GmbH was founded in 2010 to combat the legal complexities and lack of transparency inherent in global supply chains. Our team’s 30+ years of experience in the traceability space has allowed us to grow rapidly: over 90,000 businesses currently operate on our traceability platform.


We recognise the difficulty of achieving transparent and compliant supply chains

As governments place more and more legislation on product origins, and consumers grow increasingly environment conscious, it can feel difficult to keep up without cutting corners or else drowning in paperwork.

Established to solve compliance difficulties created by the European Timber Regulation, RADIX Tree is our solution to overcome such barriers. It makes it easy for you to connect with your suppliers – and they with their suppliers – on a common online platform. Our flexible and intuitive tool allows you to track products, verify supplier data and streamline your compliance paperwork.


We believe that better global supply chains are possible

Where businesses have full control and understanding of their own supply networks, allowing them to make informed choices around compliance and sustainability. Since Global Traceability launched 7 years ago, we have grown at pace: Our partner businesses, ranging from multinationals to small producers, map their supply chains on our platform.

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