Happy holidays from the Global Traceability Team

After a year like no other we’d like to wish all our clients and partners a Merry Christmas, with good health to you and your families. We thank our team members working across the globe and look forward to the new opportunities 2021 will bring, and hope to see many more of you face to face again! 

Celebrating 10 Years of GTS: 5 Things We’ve Learnt

2020 was a momentous year in GTS history. As we welcomed new team members and launched the biggest redevelopment of RADIX Tree yet, we also celebrate 10 years since GTS was founded. In 10 years the number of companies on RADIX Tree has grown to over 90,000, we’ve expanded and explored traceability solutions across various sectors from publishing, biomass and fish, to palm oil and fashion, and cemented our place as the timber traceability platform. 10 years is a very long time in technology based solutions, so here’s our thoughts on what we’ve learnt so far: 

  • Collaboration: It is possible to gather organizations with the same challenges around one table to tackle issues and work together towards a solution which works for all stakeholders.
  • Openness: Transparency in global supply chains can be achieved even for complex products if supply chain members cooperate and work in the same direction.
  • Multi-purpose: There is no need to reinvent systems and processes for each and every use case, a proven methodology does the job in most situations.
  • Frustrations: Regulatory requirements are not always implemented as they should be and not enforced by respective authorities. After 7 years of the EUTR there are still a lot of gaps.
  • Optimism: There is an increasing understanding amongst businesses and individuals that sustainability can only be achieved knowing where raw materials are coming from, as this awareness has grown the whole process has become more efficient.

Looking ahead to 2021

We have ambitious plans for 2021, a year that will present a whole new set of challenges, but we can’t wait to get started. Here’s a few things we’re looking forward to:

  • Launching a new functionality on RADIX Tree utilizing SAP HANA features including SAP Cloud Analytics
  • Launching RADIX Tree in two new verticals in Q1 2021
  • Broadening of our services in our core market for timber and timber based products
  • Providing new innovative applications to support our clients efforts to become more sustainable.